Hey my name is Barbara. I work as a digital graphics designer, user interface designer, comic book artist and illustrator. I'm involved in process of creation and preparation of artwork for games, comic books and mobile applications. Greetings from Kraków! 

2008/2013 Faculty of Graphics and Painting  at Strzeminski Academy of Art in Lodz / Poland 

work experience
- 2013/2014 Adledo (app design)
- from 2014 to 04.2017  Netigen studio (app and mobile games design)
- from 05.2017 to now Netent studio (slot game design)

user interface design  / games / digital painting /comics / animation  / vector art 

vector art / user interface design / mobile app design / icons design / digital painting / animation

graphics software
Adobe Photoshop /Adobe Illustrator / Spine / Adobe After effect / Blender

- III place in the international competition for the best short comic form in 2015 MFKiG Lodz in Poland - comics - Krzatactwo
- Golden Chicken Award for the best independent comic magazine in 2016 for Warchlaki ; editors:  Barbara Okrasa,  Jerzy Lanuszewski
-- Golden Chicken Award for the best independent comic magazine in 2017 for Warchlaki ; editors:  Barbara Okrasa,  Jerzy Lanuszewski

Gilles McCabe comic - Publisher 2014 Prószynski MEDIA SP Z O O
Gilles McCabe II - Publisher 2014 Prószynski MEDIA SP Z O O
Warchlaki I - comics magazine 2015
Warchlaki II - comics magazine 2016
Warchlaki 2,5 - comics magazine 2017
Warchlaki III - comics magazine 2017
Katalog wystawy konkursowej MFK - 2015 

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